About Our Show.

Hickling Lights started out 4 years ago..

I was searching for ideas about LED light strings and how to control them with a RaspberryPi miniature computer.

I happened to come across this rather crazy American display on Youtube:

While the music isn’t my taste – the lights caught my attention.. I showed my father in-law (who had an interest in ‘making’ and computers) – but he promptly declared that it ‘must be CGI, no one would put all those lights on their house’.

Well the stage was set, it had to be done.

Unfortunately, it took far longer than I anticipated to learn about all the components and methods that make-up the show, to find vendors (components have been sourced as far away as Great Yarmouth, America, China and even Australia!), to save the money to purchase the hardware and finding the time to design & build it from scratch. 

During that time, Nigel sadly passed away – one of his illnesses being cancer.

So, this show is dedicated to Nigel and that’s why we’re raising funds for ‘Big C’ – We hope you’ll show your support too.