FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some of the things we are commonly asked:

Q. Do we have to pay?
A. No, this is a free event, but we’re raising funds for the Big-C Cancer charity in Norwich, so please bring some pennies (or preferably pounds) to donate.

Q. How many lights are there?
A. This year, we have in excess of 6,500, with over 2,000 on the tree alone.

Q. Why is the show quieter sometimes?
A. We have neighbours who are very patient, and we don’t want them to upset with loud music every night, so we set the volume for the time and day – its likely to be louder on the early shows at weekends.

Q. How does it work?
A. We are using RGB Pixel Controllers and sequencing software to make the show work.
For more information, please visit our Technical Info page.

Q. Does it use a lot of power?
A. Believe it or not, no. LED technology is very efficient, and we are consuming nowhere near what you would think! (less than boiling a Kettle!)

Q. Are you doing this to music?
A. Yes, absolutely.

Q. Are you allowed to play music in public?
A. We called the Performing Rights Society, and asked them the question.
After much deliberation they concluded that because our show is at / on a private residence, no licence is required. I can show you a copy of the email if you wish to see it!

Q. When and how often are you running the show?
A. See our schedule page for details, and also check our facebook page, just in case there are any short notice changes.

Q. Can I watch the show from my car?
A. Technically, yes. But we would prefer you didn’t
Outside the house there is room for a few cars – but if people are not careful then we very quickly block the road and probably annoy our very patient neighbours.
By not parking outside, you will allow more people to see the display, and you can also meet other local residents and be part of the festive spirit, as opposed to huddling away in your car. Just please be considerate of our neighbours is all that we ask – they are already being very patient with this.
NB: For the Switch-On Show, Our part of Heath Road will be closed to traffic.

Q. Would you (help) do this to my house / business ?
A. Do ? Yes, contact us for further information.
A. Help ? For the DIY’er just starting out who just wants help & guidance – advice is always available.
Send us a message on Facebook or mail greg@hicklinglights.com

Please See our Big Switch-On Show page for more information regarding the event.

We will add more to the FAQ as things progress.