Group Buys

Group Buys

From time to time we will be running “group buys” co-ordinating a bulk purchase of a particular item in order to get the best pricing.

Currently running: P5 LED Panels @ £13.50 ea.

If you are interested in joining the group buy, please let me know by completing the form below. This buy closes on Sunday 2nd February ’20

These are the same modules that are used in large electronic billboards – available in a DIY format for you use use as you desire in your light shows.
The panels on this page have a resolution of 64×32. The number 5 in P5 stands for 5mm of spacing between the center of each light. Thus, these panels are 320mm wide by 160mm tall. By utilizing more than one panel, you can daisy chain them together to make much larger panels that behave as one. Each purchased panel comes with a short ribbon cable to daisy chain to a second panel, and a power cord.

Product Specifications:
Voltage: 5V DC
Color: RGB
Pixel Width: 64 Pixels Height: 32
Pixel Type: SMD 2121
Total Pixels: 2,048
Number of Channels: 6,144
Width: 320mm / ~12.6″
Height: 160mm
Scan Rate: 1/8
Mounting Screw Size: 3mm
Weather Rating: Indoor (these are not weatherproof)

P5 Indoor Panel – Front
P5 Indoor Panel – Rear